About Us and Product Info

Heat Pack USA is an offshoot of an Orange County based plant and shipping company focused on maintaining a connection to the natural world. During the winter time, we had a large shortage of heat packs that resulted in freezing our live shipments to cold weather states. We thought to start a shipping heat warmer supply company to combat this and supply others in the perishable goods fulfillment industry. Our heat packs / shipping warmers are mainly used for reptiles, aquatic plants, house plants, insects, and even fish. We also offer packaging materials such as plant transport paper sleeves, cardboard boxes for shipping plants, "fragile" plant shipping stickers, and other shipping / packaging materials.


Our Mission Statement:

We are looking to help other individuals and plant businesses grow and expand by providing the necessary tools to properly package plants to ship across the country. We offer all of the supplies that you would need to ship a plant anywhere in the country or the world. 

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality packaging materials to ensure a safe shipment.

We try to find the most sustainable packaging solutions and stay away from bubble wrap and foam. Our competitive wholesale prices and low minimums help keep your operating costs low.

About our Heat Packs Product: 

Our heat packs are made with iron powder, activated charcoal, water, vermiculite, and salt. To activate the heat packs, remove the plastic wrapper and the heat pack will activate once exposed to air. Our heat pack will take some time to start generating heat and the pack surface temperature may reach 130°F.