How to use a shipping warmer

1. Shipping Shipping is often overlooked until something goes wrong. When it does, it can cost you thousands of dollars to ship everything back to where it came from. This is where a shipping warmer can help. A shipping warmer is essentially a box filled with hot water that keeps the temperature at a constant level for long periods of time. This helps prevent the cold temperatures from damaging the plants, seeds, or live products being shipped.


2. Live Plants Live plants are fragile, especially if they are cut off from their roots. They require consistent warmth and moisture to thrive. By using a shipping warmer, you can increase the chances of survival for your live plants. This means less stress on the plants and the possibility of a bigger yield.


3. Seeds Seeds are sensitive to changes in temperature, especially when stored inside. Using a shipping warmer is a great way to ensure your seeds stay warm and moist while traveling.


4. Disposing of the heat pack / shipping warmer is simple. They can be thrown away in your regular waste bin.